Image of GROW YOUR BUSINESS! 3-Month Executive Coaching All-Inclusive Program

GROW YOUR BUSINESS! 3-Month Executive Coaching All-Inclusive Program

The BEST thing you can do for your business is invest in a professional Executive Coaching Program! GYB is designed to offer your business improved Communication skills whereby productivity goes up and the leaky bottom-line disappears. This program includes personal growth and professional leadership training.

Our 3-Month GYB program offers:

1) Personal/Professional Assessment ($399 per person)

2) Weekly Calls online to provide workshops and support to your employees regarding your end goal

3) You and I work together to customize a plan utilizing the Go-Mode Accountability online program to help employees extinguish bad habits, develop better habits, and achieve the goals most important to your business!

4) This is NOT a command and control type environment looking for who’s doing something wrong. It IS about helping employees embark on empowering changes to achieve remarkable things! This has wide spread implications for a far healthier and more enjoyable life & workplace for everyone involved.

5) Everyone will receive lifetime access to the September 2019 “Communicate Confidently At Home And The Workplace” as well as the June 2020 “Life On Track” Summits I’ve hosted.

6) You and I reconvene every 30 days to discuss progress and the continued plan for Growing Your Business ONWARD!

7) Quarterly follow up for up to 1-year from the original Workshop

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