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Maggie Unmasks Planet Pumpkin

Personally autographed by request only.

Ages 4-12; 36 page full-cover, character-building children’s paperback book (self-esteem, individuality, courage to be oneself).

Maggie the Magnificent has decided to throw her very first Halloween party. She is very excited to spend an evening with her close friends while meeting those from other planets as well. She is especially curious to meet the residents of Planet Pumpkin. Maggie used to have a pen-pal from Planet Pumpkin who never signed her letters and would never answer any of Maggie’s questions. Eventually she stopped writing to Maggie altogether.

When talking to her best friend Ryan, Maggie begins wo wonder how she is going to get to know the residents from other planets if everyone is wearing a mask. She will have no idea whom she is talking to.

Maggie decides to tell everyone during the party that it is time to take their masks off and get to know each other. Little does she know the surprise that is about to ensue— especially when she is forced to confront the guests from Planet Pumpkin.

Erin Ley’s 36-page character-building children’s book, Maggie Unmasks Planet Pumpkin, is the second book of the Maggie the Magnificent series and has been created to illustrate the importance of self-esteem, individuality, and courage.

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