Image of Maggie’s in the Driver’s SeatImage of Maggie’s in the Driver’s Seat

Maggie’s in the Driver’s Seat

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Ages 4-12; 80 page, full-color, 6 short-stories, character-building children’s paperback book (responsibility, respect, honesty & accountability, compassion, self-discipline, generosity).

Erin Ley’s 80-page children’s book, Maggie’s in the Driver’s Seat, is an out-of-this-world adventure that kids and parents can take together from their own home. Six stimulating stories accompanied by full-color illustrations give parents the tools to teach their children how to build positive character traits and discover basic human virtues. Each excursion delivers a memorable message that children will forever benefit from throughout their own life journey.

Each adventure story takes Maggie the Magnificent to a different planet where a different character trait is illustrated, learned, and applied. Maggie discovers 1) responsibility, 2) respect, 3) honesty & accountability, 4) compassion, 5) self-discipline, and 6) generosity. As she encounters these traits, she realizes how she can apply them to her own life.

Maggie’s adventures also put her in contact with all sorts of curious creatures. On Planet Luvit she meets two-headed dragons. Planet Awe introduces her to a goobley goblin and a jumping giant. And on Planet Plenty, she has an enlightening conversation with the Present Givers.

Erin Ley blends universal themes and gives us insight into their simple yet powerful applications through the eyes of a young girl. She tells us that even in the year 3510 the world can be a better place if we all learn to value each other.

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