Erin Ley, CEO & Founder of ONWARD PRODUCTIONS, INC, was born and raised in New York and currently resides in Smithtown, Long Island (NY) where she is raising her three children and a puppy.

As a single mom and cancer survivor, Erin is a devoted Life Coach, Executive Coach, Certified Mediator (Family, Marriage, Divorce, and Business), Communication & Accountability Expert, Author, Professional Speaker, and Radio Show Host.

Erin is the coach and advocate for those motivated to harness your inner-strength to Ignite Your BEST Self and rise into life at home and the workplace by up-leveling your strength, clarity, and connection.

Erin is the host of extraordinary online events, challenges, and workshops; host of the “Onward And Upward” podcast; author of the character-building children’s books featuring “Maggie The Magnificent”, and author of the inspirational and empowering memoir/self-help book titled, THE WILL TO LIVE: The Perks of Cancer Through the Eyes of a Survivor.

Erin’s main goal is to help equip you with the tools necessary to move onward and upward into the next chapter of your life with even greater peace of mind, improved quality of life, and more fulfilling relationships at home and the office!

Supercharge Your Personal Life And Your Business With Better Communication and Productive Accountability!

The problems with personal and/or business experiences are often related to struggling communication and accountability. If you can’t reach your personal, family or sales goals, are stuck at a plateau below where you want to be, you spend your entire day putting out fires, or simply can’t get the accountability you want from your team - Onward Productions can help you clearly understand and solve these challenge that are holding you back.

From a leader communicating confidently, to team members who communicate clearly and compassionately, projects get completed faster with greater accuracy and much better results.

We specialize in giving you the tools, strategies, and concepts you need to smartly move your personal and professional life forward. This helps you be the leader or team member who can inspire others, master any situation, and produce excellent results no matter the circumstance.

Our frequent workshops, group coaching, private one-on-one coaching, custom services, consulting, and programs can give you the solutions you need to solve difficult problems and meet ambitious goals.

From beating personal and professional expectations including sales records, to improving production levels many times over to simply having a family and business life that run smoothly with far fewer problems, Onward Productions Inc can give you the tools and insights you need to achieve your goals.

Please contact us for your no-cost, no-obligation discussion. Take the first step in making your life the even bigger success you deserve.

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